Empire waist weeding dresses have been known to flatter all body types not to mention how it appears gracefully every time. We don’t need to go all wild for details and the dress looks great on every wedding style as well. Here are among the best empire waist wedding dresses you should see.

  1. 20’s Look a Like

This dress reminds us on those beautiful vintage photos and movies where all the girls are classically pretty and elegant. This dress falls down naturally on the body, while the little riffles and pleats enrich the final look of the dress. The bow on the back makes it sweet while the different sleeves are totally stylish.

  1. Spaghetti String Dress

This dress looks young and fun without leaving the graceful look of an empire waist wedding dress. The spaghetti shoulder strings make it a delicate dress, while the skirt is totally dramatic. This dress is simple in details, featuring only small numbers of pleats on the waist and a corsage detail on it. It’s super chic.

  1. Champagne and Enrich Top

This dress wears the most fabulous shade ever for a wedding dress, champagne. The entire design should remind us on every Jane Austen book and setting. The skirt falls down naturally while looking dramatic while the detailed top is totally elegant. The dress looks very rich while being simple and modest at the same time.

  1. Sequined Piece

This dress is really stylish while it keeps being simple at the same time. The top is sequined, making it a glamorous wedding dress with simple cut. The skirt falls down on the body and the fabric creates dramatic and chic soft look at the same time. It looks fun and sassy while the dress looks even more radiant with the small details.

  1. Sleek and Sexy

This empire waist weeding dress is unlike any other. While it features sleek fabric for the most part, it offers a little surprise on the back where intricate details is sewn on the sheering fabric. It exposes the back but no too much, while the rest of the dress really shapes bride’s body figure. It is especially stunning how it looks simple and elegant at the front while being fun and sexy at the back. 

 It is only logical that empire waist wedding dress makes the highlight of bridal fashion every year. There is so much to explore and to improve while the line alone is already flattering and graceful. If you look for elegance with freedom to improvise, choose one of the dresses above for inspiration.