The idea of beach wedding is already fun so why don’t you capture it on your wedding photos? Of course, there are the usual poses in which you walk on the beach together, watching the sunset, and many others. If you want to capture the fun, try these poses for your wedding album.

  1. Carefree Dance

Instead of posing in a usual way, you can actually dance your heart out together on the beach and enjoy the moment, and capture it. This displays the laidback and carefree feeling of your weeding, not to mention romantic touch in it too. This photo is intimate, beautiful, fun, and creative at the same time.

  1. Notebook Movie Shot

Remember the “If you are a bird, I am a bird” quote from the movie? This photo captures and displays the message best. You actually declare to be one thing and you enjoy it together. The best thing about this photo is that it can be done in any shore line so your beach venue will always be the best for it no matter where.

  1. Snuggle Up on Hammock

Of course, it is a long day yet the fun is still on. Instead of looking awful sitting tired on your chairs, it will be great to pose on a hammock. Snuggle up on it and enjoy the relaxing moment on the beach. While it is relaxing and fun to look at later, it is also utterly romantic.

  1. Trash the Dress Kind of Thing

Now every wedding should have the trash the dress thing, and this photo is probably the best and the most fun one. You need to get dirty on this job. Get in the water, make sure the depth is secure enough for this shoot, and let the waves get you. It’s hilarious!

  1. The Kiss Shot

We are on the beach so it is better to enjoy and make the most of it. Instead of kissing shot with the sunset on the background, or on a lone rock, or other usual stuffs, you should try this. Get wet a little and kiss. This is surely fun and carefree while it is sexy and full of love at the same time.

Beach is all about having the best time and having some fun. Your wedding photo should capture the romance, warmth, and everything, yet you couldn’t leave the fun behind. Try these poses to lighten up your beach wedding photography.