Outdoor wedding is a lot of fun. On the other side, the outdoors always brings enough drama and atmosphere worth capturing. Many couples have been so creative on their wedding photography while being outdoors. The options for poses and scenes are endless. Check out the following photos and find yourself screaming for one on your wedding.

Drama in the Field

This is probably we all dream about a love story during teenage dreams. The couple is in the field, enjoying the romantic moment being husband and wife together. The field represents modesty, home, and warm feeling. The shade adds the warmth in the photo too. Simple pose is enough to capture your ultimate romance.

Fun Little Interior Twist

This photo is actually a very fun and brilliant. While the making should be fun for everyone, this photo actually is rich of context. The beach setting is refreshing and energetic. The addition of chandelier and waiters creates an interior setting on and outdoor space, brilliant. Meanwhile, the tone, the atmosphere, and the twist in everything make this photo an art work.

Love Near the Lake

The lake alone is already romantic. It is quiet, soft, and so tranquil, making it a perfect place for love birds. Posing on the edge of the lake with the horizon is classic yet this photo is different too. On the background, the sky is already in turning, changing from blue to pinkish shade. It is then bordered with golden shade of the land across, shifting into to pinkish shadow to water blue near the couple. Dramatic.

Hidden in the Forest

This setting is already brilliant and the lighting is perfect. The couple looks happy and enjoying the remote together. Meanwhile, the trees seem to naturally give them a space, creating neutral yet amazing background. The best thing about this photo is the effortless beauty it displays. It captures love, warmth, romance, and drama at the same time.

They Walk into an Intimacy

This is probably the most symbolic photo in this list. The couple is showing their back, walking away into the woods. There is a classic yet romantic touch in which the groom is holding an umbrella. We can assume they are having a private picnic. This photo displays secret plans, remote rendezvous, and hidden love.

Outdoor wedding photography is a lot of fun too, especially as we have limitless options for poses and scenes. You can go modest or sophisticated. As long as your theme works well and you consider about the color palettes, outdoor photos can worth a million words and displays more than enough things for your weeding album.