While other style of wedding dresses are getting more and more popular, the classic ball gown line never fades including on the designers’ couture as well. Many brides love the drama and extravagant look it delivers, why they also expect for something more modern as well on it. Check out the following dresses and blow your mind.

  1. Viktor & Rolf

These designers never fail to amaze us on its surprising detail and brilliant idea. This dress has all it takes to be a ball gown, enormous skirt with so much drama on it, heart shaped bustier, and slender waist. At the same time, it looks simple and modern. This dress looks clean and stylish, and we love how the add the side pockets there.

  1. Angel Sanchez

Sanchez is visionary when it comes to ball gown wedding dress. The design is practically modern. The top is a halter neck piece that shows of your side waist a little for a little sexy touch. The back is low enough for a more tempting look while the fur sleeves are totally stylish. The a-line skirt is clean and simple yet dramatic at the same time with those fluffy layers.

  1. Oscar de la Renta

This designer makes a big stunt once again with this ball gown wedding dress. While others stick with full length skirt, this one is shorter at the front, allowing you to show off your lovely shoes and legs. The rest of the cut is simple and ergonomic, and the drama is delivered with the fluffy and fur dress look from top to bottom.

  1. Monique Lhuillier

Displayed this year, this dress mesmerizes so many people. Lhuillier keeps it light and young for a more naturally pretty look. While it still gets the heart shaped bustier, it is enriched with ribbon on the waist. Going down, the skirt is a combination of several layers of ruffles. It looks delicate and dramatic while it is totally fresh and stylish at the same time.

  1. Ellie Saab

This designer knows how to create drama and style at the same time. The top of this dress is covered with crystals while the off shoulder cut gives it a fresh design when the skirt goes full. Going down, the skirt is enormous and is covered with layers and layers of small ruffles, making it looks like fur. A simple ribbon belt on the waist makes it even cuter.

If you want drama and elegance with today’s style, those designs should give you enough inspiration and ideas. Which one is your favorite piece?