Country style in a wedding is actually something really fun. While you get to look fantastic, you still have rooms for a little fun and wild look at the same time. If you love this style, and you look for the perfect wedding style for it, you will love these dresses.

  1. Simple Lace Dress

Country style is about modesty and this dress represents the best of it. There is nothing spectacular on the design but it looks stunning due to the fabric used. The long bell sleeves are looking fabulous here while the lace makes the dress a sophisticated piece. Combined with natural and colorful bouquet, this dress is a stunning one.

  1. Halter Neck Dress

There is nothing shiny or bright from this dress, but it looks fabulous. The halter neck is something rather rare for wedding dress today, and the sheer look is the best part of the dress. Its broken white shade makes it a little rustic while the dress design flatters every body type. This dress is simple yet adorable.

  1. Simply Chic Dress

This dress is just under knee length, and it has nothing bright on it. Yet, it is made of two layers with the sheer one making a sophisticated silhouette on the dress. You will specially love the details on the waist, while the entire cut is really simple and modest. The embroidery enriches the dress look while the lace appliqué on the lower skirt is so vintage.

  1. Semi Boho Country Dress

This dress is super stylish and is in trend today. The combination of lace and soft fabric for the skirt makes it a perfect dress. The back is exposed while the lace creates delicate look. It gets the drama when the wind blows, while the skirt will expose your legs. This is a modest yet stylish and sexy country wedding dress.

  1. Short Dress with Ruffles

This wedding dress is young and fun, making the bride looks fabulous effortlessly. This dress uses lace for combination and it features several layers of ruffles for the skirt. Being short, this dress is less formal and really playful. Combined with the cowgirl boots, this outfit is a perfect one.

In short, country wedding dress can be a very stylish and sophisticated as well even though it all plays on modest and simple cut, and it incorporates nothing shiny and bright. If you look for a dress with a little fun and wild touch, those dresses are your best alternative.