There is a little magic in a boho wedding dress. It looks chic and stylish while it looks vintage and simple at the same time. Today, this style is enriched with the selection on fabric and how designers play on details as well. The following dresses are on the lineup of your favorite designers, offering fresh and stunning piece for your big day.

  1. Emmeline Dress by Vera Wang

This wedding dress looks mysterious and elegant at the same time. The dress only feature spaghetti strings, small details on the thighs and lower feet. The sleeves are dropped and they show of your shoulder. It looks nerdy and amazing at the same time.

  1. Costarellos’s Goddess Like Dress

This dress is how you should give an example on a stunning dress. The neck detail makes the dress sort of a vintage piece, not to mention the rich pattern on the fabric used for the top. Dropped down, this dress features dramatic and flaring skirt that looks totally bohemian in every way. It’s super gorgeous.

  1. El Lenguaje de Las Flores Dress from Johanna Ortiz

This dress is about simplicity and natural elegance. It is only a knee length short dress with longer skirt on the back. The medium bell sleeves look chic while the ruffles from the thighs down are totally stylish. It is awesome that dress edges are cut based on the fabric patterns.

  1. Aberdeen Dress from Naeem Khan

This designer is known for bold style and delicate touch on the design. This dress is a great example of how bohemian wedding dress can be so rich and well detailed. The fabric alone is already a work of art. The open sleeves are dramatic, and the waist is totally clever. It is sexy by showing off your thighs, yet it looks neat and tidy on that cut.

  1. Regina Dress from Temperley

The not so white shade features in this dress is already stunning as it is. The silver details make sure bride’s body shape is flattered on that pattern. The a-line skirt looks dramatic and sheering romantically and the headband is absolutely a perfect match. This dress looks slender and flattering and the style is totally ultimate.

Bohemian wedding dress is on trend right now and we can truly understand why. The mysteriousness only enriches the final look while all the elaborated details seem to be too stunning to miss. These designers are brilliant and their dresses are totally priceless.