10 Wedding Proposals that Will Make You Happy

Not every woman necessarily dreams of being a bride, but definitely dreams of being truly loved by someone. In fact, why only women, each and every person wants that someone special. Someone who is your best friend, someone who is your soul-mate, someone to fight wars for, someone to cross oceans for; as clichéd as it sounds, these things seem trivial when you find your true love.

The day someone proposes their partner to marry them and stay with them for the rest of their lives, their love takes a big step ahead. Lot of people I know do not believe in marriage but everyone does believe in celebrating love.

A wedding proposal is more than just about wedding. It is about declaring your unfiltered love and giving your love the greatest gift ever. Some people across the world decided to do it in a unique way and surprise their beloved. Presenting before you, the ten greatest wedding proposals of all time. This is going to make you cry.


1010. Love is in the air




Ryan decided to propose his girlfriend Carlie is the most unique way ever, by putting his pilot skills to use. He took Carlie for a flight in a glider on a fine day to show her what the world looks like from up there. They were having a lovely time when suddenly the plane controls stopped responding. “Honey, I need you to stay calm. The flight controls aren’t responding”, he said.

Carlie started reading the instructions from the control screen and it said that the pilot is your ideal mate. He will love and honour you for the rest of his life and then came the big question. WILL YOU MARRY ME? Carlie had no words. She was stunned and in tears. She said yes! Then they kissed…thousand of feet above the world where it was just the two of them, celebrating what was theirs. You can watch the entire proposal here.